Friday, 21 August 2015



It has been ages since I updated this blog. Sorry :( We have just relocated from Melbourne to Adelaide last month, due to my husband's work.

We are settling in well here and so far it has been great to see and experience different things. For example: people in Adelaide are mostly friendly, the supermarkets do not provide free plastic bag (I found it amusing at first lol...) and eggs are much more expensive than in Melbourne. (It's pretty shocking, as I normally use at least 30 eggs for the Indonesian layered sponge cakes) Oh well...!

So... here are some pictures of us :) I shall also update you soon with some more cake pictures :) Bear with me! Hugs...

xx Novita

So many boxes and 2 big containers. That was 45 cubic metre in total. Unbelievable!!! You never realise how much stuffs you have until you move house. Bye bye Melbourne...

Hello Adelaide ...:) We found our family name imprinted on Rundle Mall Street. Well...close enough!

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