Sunday, 10 April 2016

Playschool theme cake

Playschool theme for Ashlyn's 1st Birthday Cake. Top and bottom tiers are Red velvet cake with cream cheese.
All figurines were edible. Happy Birthday Ashlyn :)

21st Birthday Cake

This was a cake for Nicholas' 21st Birthday. The cake was white chocolate mud with white chocolate ganache. They were really happy with the look and taste :)

"Hi Novita,
Thank you so much for providing a beautiful cake for Nicholas’ 21st Birthday Party. 
The design, the taste and quality was over and above our expectations.

Eg The cake looked better than what we envisaged in our heads!
Your customer service is impeccable. You were quick to respond to our emails, provided sound advice and followed through on commitments. You take care with the quality and presentation of the final product.
I would highly recommend your business to anyone." -

Number 5 Cake

Happy 5th Birthday to Araz, who is a lover of Soccer, Captain America and Batman.
Cake was Vanilla Butter Cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Graduation cake for an engineer

This cake was requested for an engineer graduate. Royal piping is not my expertise, but pretty happy with this one :) Cake was Dark Chocolate Mud with Dark Choc Ganache.

"Thanks for the cake Novita. It was so nice!" - Noora

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Simple and Elegant Wedding Cake with Fresh Roses

Love Blooms - A 2 tier Simple and Elegant White Wedding Cake, adorned with beautiful Magenta and Pink Roses,
and a wooden Love cake topper.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

White and Gold theme for a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Cake was a moist Vanilla Butter Cake with velvety Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

"The party was wonderful. The cake was a big hit and perfect size, people even took some home. Everyone enjoyed it.
My mum and dad really liked the decoration. So thank you for your wonderful efforts. I will definitely recommend your services and excellent cake skills :) " - Jane

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Pink Dripping Cake

This pretty cake is for a pretty lady. She's not just beautiful outside, but also in the inside.
Happy Birthday Mum! Thank you for all your love and support. Love you and God bless you always xo
Cake was Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mud with chocolate ganache and strawberry SMBC

'Thank you, Novita for a beautiful, pretty and delicious cake. And beautiful words too.
Love you! Everyone enjoyed last night.' - Maya

Semi Naked Yellow and Gold Wedding Cake

Congratulations to Innes and Lina for your wedding day. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this memorable moment!
This rustic semi-naked cake with a touch of yellow and gold was delivered to gorgeous venue at Adelaide Hill's newest function destination: Maximilian's Restaurant. The Pavillion was surrounded by country views, lake and vineyards.
Simply breathtaking!!!

'Novita was above and beyond helpful from the get-go, happily accommodated our requests and the cake looked amazing. Would highly recommend to others.' - Innes

Golf Theme Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake for a keen golfer :) It was Chocolate Cake with dark chocolate ganache and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Happy 65th Peter. God bless you!

Semi Naked Orange and White Wedding Cake with sugar flowers

Congratulations to my Valentine's bride and groom: Winaya and John for tying the knot yesterday :)
It's an honour to be part of your special day! God bless your new journey of life together xo
Cake: Lapis Surabaya (top tier) and White Chocolate Muds (middle and bottom tier) covered in white chocolate ganache

' No doubt will recommend Novita to everyone!!!
I have heard about her excellent service from Melbourne and to know that she is now based in Adelaide, i am so glad!
She is amazing!!! Her creation and cake is amahhhzzziiinnggg
She is so helpful and open to people's requests, trying her best to satisfy all customers.

She went extra miles just to fulfill my specific request...
She will patiently listen and explain to you to achieve the best outcomes.
The taste of the cake is deliciousssss, such a perfection. She will not disappoint you surely :) The best!

Thanks for Novita, all the best for the business in Adelaide' - Winaya 

Peppa Pig Cake

This Peppa Pig cake was requested for Nathaniel's 2nd Birthday. Unlike other girly Peppa Pig cakes, I tried to suit the cake with boys theme. Blue of course :) The cake was airbrushed with blue, purple and black to create the night sky look.
It was our signature Lapis Surabaya cake with Vanilla SMBC.

Semi Naked Dripping Engagement Cake

Delivered this Semi-Naked 3 tier Engagement Cake today to the historic and gorgeous venue - Ambassadors Hotel.
The function room was set up beautifully with crystal chandeliers, open fireplaces, white rustic chairs
and a wooden log for donuts! Awww...i'm in love!
The cakes are Red Velvet, Mocha Sponge and Lapis Surabaya Sponge, covered in Swiss Meringue Buttercream with mixed berries, salted caramel popcorns and some gold leaves. Congratulations Nick and Gen for your engagement!

Photo credit by Sebastian's Photography

'The cake was amazing! Above and beyond my expectations!! You really did a wonderful job :)
There were so many compliments on it, and it was mighty tasty too! Thank you so much!!!' - Gen

Soccer Ball Cake

A soccer ball cake with Rai's favourite footy colours. Great combo! Cake was Vanilla Butter Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Hope you had a ball :)

'Thanks ..You've done it again, Novita. Stunning and beautiful cake.
Everyone liked it and I referred you to everybody.' - Roop

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Peppa Pig for Charlotte's 1st Birthday

This peppa pig cake was made for Charlotte who turned one today. All figurines were hand moulded and edible. Cake was Dark Choc Mud with Dark Chocolate Ganache. Hope you have a wonderful party pretty girl :)

"Thank you so much Heavenly D'lights!!! So beautiful and yummmoooo cake!!!
I Recommended to everyone!!!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹" - Natalia

Minecraft Birthday Cake for Nicholas

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake for Nicholas 13th Birthday.
This cake looks pretty simple but is actually quite time consuming and painful to do the squares. Lol πŸ˜‚
i was happy with the end result though :)
The cake was our signature cake, Lapis Surabaya (vanilla-choc-vanilla sponge cake with rum) with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Happy Birthday Nicholas! Hope you had an awesome day yesterday!

"thank you everyone loves the cake!" - Pia

James Bond inspired Birthday Cake for Josh

Made this cake for a 40th Birthday. This cake was inspired by CakesbyRaewyn. Flavour was Chocolate Sponge Cake.

Soccer Ball Birthday Cake for Ethan

Soccer Ball cake for my son's 10th Birthday :) Mummy loves you to the moon and back Ethan

Sneakers themed Birthday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were inspired by a picture brought by the client. Her boyfriend is a big fan of Nike sneakers. Thanks Allanah for your order :)

Power Ranger Birthday Cupcakes

Power Ranger Samurai themed birthday cupcakes for Ethaniel - Red velvet with cream cheese frostings.
Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan xx

"Ita, thank you very much. Very cute and nice, the kids loved them!" - Angela

Friday, 15 January 2016

Chalkboard Anniversary and Birthday Cake

This year marks our 15th Wedding Anniversary and my husband also turned 39 on the same day :) Last year i made him a gravity defying beer glass cake, which i think was a pretty crazy attempt.
This year i went for a simple single tier Chalkboard Cake, which i always wanted to try.
The chalk effect was hand painted. Painting is not my best skill at all as I don't have a steady hand. But i think it turned up quite well :)

The flowers were sugar and the image of him knelt down and gave me a flower at the back of the cake was also edible :) --- (it wasn't really a pic of us lol...)
Cake was Mocha Sponge with mocha SMBC. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary honey!

New York Theme Birthday Cake for Meegan

New York Themed Cake for Meegan, requested by her fiancΓ©. Cake was a Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Mud.
Happy 30th Birthday Meegan

Shadow Fight Birthday Cake for Jethro

It's my little man's birthday cake :) He's growing too fast! He's 6 already!!!
God bless you dear and love you to the moon and back ❤❤❤  enjoy your Shadow Fight cake :)
in case some of you wonder, it's one of those kungfu fighting games on the Iphone

21st Birthday White Sugar Flowers on Black

I love Black and White with a touch of Gold :) This cake was requested as a surprise for a 21st Birthday.
The cake was Dark Chocolate Mud.

" Hi Novita, Thank you! The cake arrived all in one piece, we had it stored in an cool temp office room :) The Party went really great, We dimed the lights off and came in with the cake with candles & She screamed with excitement. She was so pleased and happy with the cake. & so was the whole family. It was very delicious. and all of it went gone fast... I could barely save myself a piece lol.... Thank you soooo much Novita. You have really out done yourself with this cake & I will definitely be back for a next cake." - Querida xx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thomas the train Birthday Cake for Sean

Thomas Train Cake for little Sean who turned 2. I love creating this cake, as the client gave me the reign on the design :) Dark chocolate mud cake with dark choc ganache. All handcrafted and edible.

Planes theme Birthday Cake for Marvel

Disney Planes themed cake - it was a Lapis Surabaya cake (3 layered vanilla-choc-vanilla sponge with rum) with strawberry jam and smbc fillings. The planes are real toys. Happy Birthday Marvel :) God bless u xo

Peppa Pig theme for Simone's Birthday

This Peppa Pig Cake was ordered for Simone, who turned 3 on the weekend. The parent had to drive at least 1,5 hours to pick up the cake, yet very satisfied when he saw the cake :) All figurines were edible. It was a dark chocolate mud with dark choc ganache. Happy 3rd Birthday Simone xo

'Many many thanks Novita for such a great cake!! It was perfect, well worth coming so far to get it from you. Great communication, perfect cake..Keep up the good work!' - Sandeep

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Pocoyo and Friends Birthday Cake for Wulfric

Polkadot Pocoyo and Friends Cake for Wulfric.

The top decorations were handcut. The cake was Green Tea Sponge. Hope you have the best 2nd Birthday Wulfric

Bing and Flop Birthday Cake for Ruby

Bing and Flop Cake for little Ruby who turned 2 yesterday.
All decorations were hand-moulded and edible. The cake was Dark Choc Mud. Enjoy the cake Ruby 😊

Disney Princesses Cake for Candy's Birthday

Princess Themed Cake made especially for Candy.
All the princesses were real toys. The bottom tier was Darn Choc Mud and top tier was Red Velvet.
Happy 4th Birthday Candy 😊

'Thanks once again for ur effects n awesome job!! We all love it, such beautiful cake!! xxx' - Linyan

Frozen theme Cake

Frozen themed cake for Miuccia who turned 4 today :)

The cake was Lapis Surabaya with smbc and dark choc ganache. Enjoy your birthday cake dear Miuccia xoxo

Lego Ninjago Birthday Cake for Liam

Liam requested a blue ninjago head cake and the mum did a really good job with the Ninjago theme dessert table. I wished i took some photos :( The cake was Lapis Surabaya (Layered vanilla-choc-vanilla sponge with rum). Happy Birthday Liam xo

'Thank you so much for the cake, you have done a fantastic job!!' - Regine

Twin babies 1st month Celebration - Dessert Table

Last weekend, i was privileged to work with my talented sister Mia of MossyJojo, to style a Pink and Gold Dessert Table for a friend's twin baby girls' 1 month celebration. The babies are so gorgeous. Indeed they are precious and gifts from God!

Photos Credit to AndreJocelinePhotography
Cakes, cupcakes & jelly cups by Heavenly D'lights
Table decor, labels, prints, strawberry flutes & marsmellow pops by MossyJojo
Cookies by @Irna Kuntoyo
Macaroons by Petit TrΓ©sor Cafe et Patisserie

40th Birthday Cake for Susana

Life begins at Forty! This cake was requested for Susana's surprise birthday party, organised by her husband.
Susana is famous for her fried rice vermicelli. So i thought it would be nice to have the theme of her doing some cooking...the noodles of course! The husband also requested the figurines of the whole family relaxing, while Susana was busy looking after the family. It's such a cute idea and i'm sure Susana is very impressed by her hubby :))
The top, middle and bottom tier were Lapis Surabaya Cake. Everything was handmoulded and edible. Happy Birthday Susana.

Thank you so much Ita... again... ' you did it' I dare not to cut the cake.. it was toooooo beautiful. . God bless your gifting and talent and may He multiply it 100 folds.....' - Susana