Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Update for July

This week, I'm working on a rainbow cake. The first rainbow cake I've ever made. The mixing of colours surely was so much fun, although it took ages!!! Not to mention the levelling of each layer, the icing and the decorating part. At first I cut every colour into 3cm. Then I realised, the cake would be too tall because the cake would be 6 layers. So I would end up with an at least 18cm tall cake. Therefore I decided to downcut into 2cm each layer. That way, the cake would be in a much reasonable height.

I have a disney cars cake to make also this coming weekend. I have made 3 fondant cars. That's all I have prepared so far for this cake. Hope I can get everything up in time. Then...ready for August. It will be a really really busy month for me. Oh well...I'm trying not to think too much ahead!

Now, time for relax. I won't do any more cake works tonite. Been standing the whole day! But thank God for a productive day today :)

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